Stax Bill

Complete Catalog Flexibility and $1,000s in Revenue Recovered

Required a flexible and secure recurring billing solution to simplify its complex pricing and billing model.

As CoConstruct scaled over the years, the needs of its customers evolved. Its growing base of building professionals was also putting a greater number of projects through the software. This growth brought billing challenges and limitations.

For years, the business used an ecommerce feature in its CRM software to bill its subscription customers. But with increasingly complex product offerings and pricing models as well as complicated taxation requirements, the team needed to find a more flexible solution to meet its current and future business needs.

The Customer

CoConstruct is one of the highest-rated construction software providers on the market. This custom builder and remodeler software serves more than 5,000 residential construction firms and 100,000 building professionals in 25 countries, helping them to coordinate projects, control finances, and communicate with their clients and crews.

The Challenge

CoConstruct’s old billing process and its lack of catalog flexibility frequently caused pain points for the growing business. The ecommerce feature it used was unable to support multiple subscription products, and it limited the team from creating multiple subscriptions for individual customers.

Proper taxation and collections assurance were also growing concerns. These tasks required a lot of manual effort—which always carried the risk of human error. As a result, the business was leaking thousands of dollars in revenue per month.

The Solution

CoConstruct was able to migrate all its customers’ subscriptions to Stax Bill’s adaptive recurring billing platform within a month. Its team was also able to get up and running with the software in no time thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly functionality.

By digitally transforming its billing process, CoConstruct has dramatically reduced revenue leakage, streamlined its entire subscription billing process, and now provides its customers with more options to manage their own businesses.

The Benefits

With improvements to its taxation and collections processes alone, the business is recovering around $2,000 per month in revenue. It is also able to reallocate about 40 hours a month from billing-related task work to new growth initiatives. Stax Bill’s automated dunning management capabilities and its integration with Avalara make this possible.

CoConstruct has gained complete catalog flexibility, enabling rapid product and pricing model adjustments as needed. The business can get creative with discounting, seamlessly migrate customers between plans, and create new plans as product innovation unfolds.

Additionally, its customers now have greater options and automation when it comes to payment, and they are able to access historic invoices in real-time.