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Automated invoicing is one thing–and it’s great–but Stax Bill wants even more for you. Automating billing-adjacent tasks such as dunning, reporting, and more, is what gives you the space–and the power–to scale your business.

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Subscription Management

Simplify your subscription lifecycle management. Automate the tasks that keep your subscription business running strong, from registrations to renewals.

  • Three words: Self. Service. Portal. Empower your customers to self-register and then manage their own subscriptions in real time.
  • Package and price your product offerings in any way that suits your subscription business. Stax Bill’s flexible catalog can handle it.
  • Need to make a one-off plan or pricing change for a special customer? Go for it. The customer’s always right.

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Recurring Billing & Automation

No matter the product or pricing model, no subscription business is too complex to automate its recurring billing with Stax Bill.

  • How does an 80% reduction in time spent billing sound? Stax Bill is here to make that happen. Recurring billing automation cuts out manual processes to make way for rapid growth.
  • Recover thousands of dollars in monthly revenue leakage through improved accuracy. Automation marks the end of costly human errors.
  • Establish a financial system of record. Stax Bill is your source of accurate, real-time subscription and billing data you can leverage business-wide.

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Recurring Revenue

Let’s be honest, managing recurring revenue is a lot of work that, well…recurs. But what if you let Stax Bill take care of the hard stuff for you?

  • Our fully ASC 606-compliant revenue recognition module means subscription rev rec is finally a “set it and forget it” kinda task, thanks to Stax Bill’s general ledger foundation.
  • Keep your customers’ subscriptions and your recurring revenue rolling with seamless renewal automation.
  • Take the stress and guesswork out of charging taxes. No matter where you do business, Stax Bill has an automated solution to simplify taxation.

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“Stax Bill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require now, AND it’s the only platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.”

Udi Pan
Finance Manager, UberFlip

“I’m probably saving close to eight hours a week, depending on the week. Stax Bill is allowing us to focus on other issues in the business, knowing that billing is being processed and taken care of.”

Jeffrey Alvarado
Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst, Avionica

“The ability to edit subscriptions before they become invoices—and up to the last minute—is amazing. I can do a real-time check several hours before billing runs.”

Kelly Weber
Vendor Manager, CloudPlus

“Stax Bill’s feature-rich platform has given us a powerful way to seamlessly manage our entire subscription business from billing to account management. Fusebill is the Swiss Army Knife of billing.”

Chris Fowler
CoFounder and CEO, ClearPath GPS

“It used to take us two weeks to send invoices for everybody. Now, at the turn the clock by midnight crossing to the next morning, we will have sent most of the invoices.”

Chiou Hao Chan
COO, JustLogin

Payment Gateway & Management

Manage your entire subscription business from one integrated platform. Stax Bill offers a feature-rich payment solution that boosts your revenue, saves you time, and gets you paid faster.

  • Need a gateway? We've got an easy add-on to your Stax Bill subscription. Say hello to simple, easy-to-understand pricing that improves as your subscription business grows.
  • Stop leaking revenue and losing customers to involuntary churn by auto-updating deactivated and expired credit cards.
  • Need to use multiple payment gateways to accept different currencies? Super simple–we can handle it.

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Subscription Analytics

Get more competitive with comprehensive subscription analytics. Stax Bill gives you the insights and real-time data integrity you need to take strategic action.

  • Review your subscription analytics from various angles over any period with access to more than 40 automatically updating reports.
  • Get a clear view of your cash flow. See exactly how much money your business is collecting on sales and recognizing as revenue.
  • Track customer retention and MRR growth. Watch your customer base and your recurring revenue grow in real-time.

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Dunning Management

You work hard to acquire great customers and to provide them with the best subscription product possible. So make sure you get paid for it with a whole suite of automated dunning features.

  • Automate customer communications with fully customizable emails and SMS messages.
  • Increase revenue with an automated failed payment retry schedule to stamp out churn and reduce revenue leakage by 4%.
  • Analyze and action unpaid invoices to put money back on your bottom line with Stax Bill’s powerful AR aging report.

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Flat Pricing. No Overages.

We’ll never take a percentage of your revenue as an overage fee; we want to help your business grow, not punish it. Instead, we figured you’d prefer cost certainty.


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