Maximize the efficiency of automation by integrating your entire fintech stack. Seamless integrations allow you to level up your billing pipeline by eliminating even more tedious, manual heavy tasks than automation alone, scaling your processes as your business grows.

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Native Integrations


Optimize the quote to cash process

Get the most powerful Salesforce integration available with any subscription billing and management platform. Stax Bill supports both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic versions.

Easily configure, price, and quote your products in Salesforce, and they’ll sync directly to Stax Bill. Manage your billing from Stax Bill, or directly in Salesforce–it’s your call. Product catalogs in Stax Bill are synced to Salesforce Pricebooks for use within opportunities and quotes, and vice versa.


Empower your sales team; streamline your billing

Take advantage of the most powerful and flexible product catalog available to add subscribers and configure complex plans and coupons within HubSpot. Stax Bill’s powerful, ledger-based capability, ease of use, and quick time to value allows you to:

  • empower your team with complete enterprise-level recurring billing capabilities,
  • get up and running quickly, and
  • scale your business through every growth phase with complete confidence.

Easily explore new pricing, different bundle offerings, and discounts in seconds, whether it’s for one-time use, multiple-use, or a period of time. Start launching new offers and products faster from HubSpot so your customers can start buying immediately.


See the full financial view of your business

Leverage powerful subscription management features and recurring revenue accuracy with your favorite cloud-based accounting and ERP software. Get advanced, real-time data syncing, inventory management, and revenue recognition with the Stax Bill and Netsuite integration.

Stax Bill’s advanced NetSuite integration allows you to: 

  • create accurate, detailed, corresponding invoices between your Stax Bill and NetSuite platforms, 
  • create new customers in your NetSuite instance, and
  • automate your inventory management.

Bring speed and accuracy to your accounting

Account reconciliation has never been easier or more accurate. With Stax Bill’s QuickBooks integration, data is synchronized at a granular level so your accounting department can drill down into customer accounts and see their activity without needing to change applications. The same information can be summarized into monthly reconciliation reports and used with other QuickBooks data to provide rich analysis and reporting capabilities.


Automate complex taxation

Perform address validation, jurisdiction determination, and rate calculations on-demand and in the cloud.


Simplify tax, fraud, and compliance

Scaling your subscription business abroad comes with headaches and a lot of red tape. But the right global commerce software integration simplifies international transactions so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Digital River works with Stax Bill to empower you to:

  • accept the local currency of any country you do business in,
  • automate the collection and remittance of local taxes, and
  • use Digital River as the merchant of record on all out-of-country transactions.

The world’s first recurring billing integration with Geotab

Real-time synchronization with the Geotab cloud ensures you never miss revenue from active devices ever again. Stax Bill powers agile monetization of your GO devices through real-time billing communication with Geotab Cloud.


Sign in to your Geotab account from inside Stax Bill and you’ll unlock:

  • real-time serial & VIN updates,
  • powerful contract management,
  • prorated billing capabilities, and
  • automation for rapid scale.

API & Webhooks


The industry’s most powerful API

Need your billing platform to talk to another system? Our webhooks and REST-based API allow you to integrate with any other software out there–including your own.

Better than the alternatives

The reviews speak for themselves–users love us. Get the flexibility you need to rapidly adjust to your customers’ demands.

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“Stax Bill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require now, AND it’s the only platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.”

Udi Pan
Finance Manager, UberFlip