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Recurring billing automation cuts out manual processes to make way for rapid growth. Increase your subscription business’s efficiency immediately, like a true business superhero. 🦸

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Say goodbye to manual billing & revenue leakage

Automating your recurring billing process means adding scalability. It also means eliminating time-wasting task-work and human errors that lead to lost revenue.

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Automate recurring invoices

Celebrate the end of creating calendar reminders to send out invoices. Set it and forget it.

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Get paid what you’re owed

Automate dunning and collections to recover 2-4% of leaking revenue and add it back to your bottom line.

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Decrease time spent billing by up to 80%

We believe the automation of recurring billing and payments is a business superpower. So let’s start your origin story.

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Automate more than just billing

Automate the tasks that keep your subscription business running strong, from registrations to invoice reminders to renewals.

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ASC 606 compliance on auto-pilot

It matters how and when you recognize revenue. Automate the process. Stay compliant.

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Maximize efficiency with integrations

Subscription management isn’t a standalone process. Stax Bill works in tandem with your other key business solutions to sync data, streamline workflows, and reduce pain points along the way.


Revenue recovery made simple

Automation marks the end of costly human errors. Ensure your accuracy and recover thousands of dollars in monthly revenue leakage.

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Optimize collections assurance

Analyze and action unpaid invoices with Stax Bill’s powerful AR aging report.

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Diligent dunning management

Automate customer communications and failed payment retries to stamp out churn.

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Dive deeper into data

Review your subscription analytics through various filters over any period with access to more than 40 automatically updating reports.

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Clear view of your cash flow

See exactly how much money your business is collecting in sales and recognize it as revenue.

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Report by product, plan, or customer

Know exactly where your revenue is coming from over any given period.

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“Stax Bill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require now, AND it’s the only platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.”

Udi Pan
Finance Manager, UberFlip

“I’m probably saving close to eight hours a week, depending on the week. Stax Bill is allowing us to focus on other issues in the business, knowing that billing is being processed and taken care of.”

Jeffrey Alvarado
Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst, Avionica

“The ability to edit subscriptions before they become invoices—and up to the last minute—is amazing. I can do a real-time check several hours before billing runs.”

Kelly Weber
Vendor Manager, CloudPlus

“Stax Bill’s feature-rich platform has given us a powerful way to seamlessly manage our entire subscription business from billing to account management. Fusebill is the Swiss Army Knife of billing.”

Chris Fowler
CoFounder and CEO, ClearPath GPS

“It used to take us two weeks to send invoices for everybody. Now, at the turn the clock by midnight crossing to the next morning, we will have sent most of the invoices.”

Chiou Hao Chan
COO, JustLogin

Make it your own. Scale without limitations.

Stax Bill is the flexibility you need to turn your billing pains into endless opportunities for growth.

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Empower customers with self-service

Allow customers to manage their own account and subscription details, including payment information and plan upgrades and adjustments.

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Build a catalog & pricing strategy that sells

Speed to market gives you a competitive advantage. Package and price your subscription products and plans rapidly in ways that make sense for your business.

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Recurring billing in fewer steps

Stax Bill sits right at the intersection of ease-of-use and robust capability. Optimize everything your billing team does without the steep learning curve.

CC surcharging

Compliant credit card surcharging

Accepting credit cards comes at a cost. Compliantly pass those fees off to your customer and keep more of your MRR.

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Accept every recurring payment method

The Stax Bill payment gateway makes it easy for your customers to pay with any method and currency they choose.

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Backed by a general ledger

Track your assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses in a way that will make your accountants smile. You can even break down your cash flow by source.

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Accurately track earned & deferred revenue

Stax Bill’s fully ASC 606-compliant revenue recognition module and detailed reporting features make it easy to automate and report on your business’s assets and liabilities.

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Build a fintech data bridge

Changed a customer’s billing address in another platform? Stax Bill will push it out to your other software for you. Boom.

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Exceed security best practices

We know it can be hard to trust the cloud with your most important data. That’s why Stax Bill adheres to and exceeds industry best practices.

Flat pricing. No overages.

We’ll never take a percentage of your revenue as an overage fee; we want to help your business grow, not punish it for succeeding. That’s why we provide cost certainty and the tools you need to scale your business.


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