Do Billing Better.

Stax Bill is automated subscription and payments with a personal touch. We help you automate the repetitive so you can stay focused on the big picture. Work more efficiently, recover more revenue, and collect on more invoices.

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Spend less time billing

Increase efficiency with up to 80% less time spent billing every month.

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Reduce late & failed payments

Reduce late or failed payments by up to 700% with credit card retry schedules.

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Add money to your bottom line

Recover between 2%-4% of revenue monthly with automated collections features.

Users love us

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but…Go on, see for yourself.

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Simplify recurring billing & invoicing

How much time could you get back if your billing platform sent customer invoices on its own? We often see businesses redirecting a whopping 40 hours a month by putting their accounts receivable processes safely in the hands of automation. 🤯

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The industry’s most agile product catalog

Need to quickly add a new product to your catalog? Easy peasy. Want to run a small-scale pricing experiment? You totally can. Sales asking to change the subscription price for just one account? Go for it—the customer’s always right.

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Automated, ASC 606-compliant revenue recognition

Whether you need to recognize revenue immediately, on a fixed interval schedule, or on a milestone basis, ASC 606 compliance is finally a “set it and forget it” kinda task.

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Collections assurance

Dunning automation, credit card retry schedules, AR aging reports…we have countless features in place to make sure you get paid.

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Hosted self-service pages

Put the power in your customers’ hands. Our registration pages allow new users to sign up at any time, while the self-service portal lets them upgrade, downgrade, or edit personal info.

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Customer hierarchy

One company, multiple branches. Group “parent” and “child” accounts for up to four “generations”. Simplify their invoicing and even enable them to share payment methods. 👪

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Backed by a general ledger

Stax Bill was built on a general ledger foundation so we can go deeper into accounting processes than the other guys. Your accountant will love us.

“Stax Bill has all the subscription billing and management capabilities we require now, AND it’s the only platform that will satisfy our future needs as we scale.”

Udi Pan
Finance Manager, UberFlip

“I’m probably saving close to eight hours a week, depending on the week. Stax Bill is allowing us to focus on other issues in the business, knowing that billing is being processed and taken care of.”

Jeffrey Alvarado
Financial Planning and Analysis Operations Analyst, Avionica

“Stax Bill’s feature-rich platform has given us a powerful way to seamlessly manage our entire subscription business from billing to account management. Stax Bill is the Swiss Army Knife of billing.”

Chris Fowler
CoFounder and CEO, ClearPath GPS

“It used to take us two weeks to send invoices for everybody. Now, at the turn the clock by midnight crossing to the next morning, we will have sent most of the invoices.”

Chiou Hao Chan
COO, JustLogin

Better than the alternatives

The reviews speak for themselves–users love us. Get the flexibility you need to rapidly adjust to your customers’ demands.

Customer Support
Flat pricing. No overages.
Built on a general ledger foundation to go deeper into advanced functionalities and offer an agile, easy-to-use catalog.
Connect with real people: A dedicated implementation manager and customer success rep are here to support.
Charges an overage fee of up to 0.75% of your MRR when you surpass your current revenue band. Key features held behind higher plans.
Complex UI and inflexible, unintuitive catalog.
Slow and unresponsive support. Implementation time of 3-4+ months.
Charges an overage fee of 0.9% of your MRR when you surpass your current revenue band. Key features held behind higher plans.
Offers only basic capabilities for general advanced settings (price uplifts, revenue recognition, etc.)
Customer reviews report issues being left unsolved.