Needed a platform to power their high-volume billing.

ClearPathGPS is a B2B company whose target market is small to medium-sized truck and transport delivery businesses.

Their customers pay on a subscription basis for their GPS tracking system that can track vehicle location down to 30 second time-intervals. ClearPathGPS experienced rapid growth in their early start-up days and they quickily realized they needed a platform to power their high-volume billing – one that could integrate and feed financial data seamlessly into their accounting system. As a no-contract provider ClearPathGPS prorates subscription to the day.

They also offer suspend service plans where the monthly drops from $20/m to $5/m. With Stax Bill’s flexible and robust API, ClearPathGPS is able to handle all these plan changes, and roll them into a daily invoice – so multiple plan adjustments during the day won’t trigger an avalanche of invoices.

Thanks to Stax Bill, ClearPathGPS has enjoyed managing their subscriptions with ease, experimenting with pricing strategies and honing in on areas for improved operational efficiency.

The Customer

ClearPathGPS tracks thousands of commercial vehicles every day for their customers. Their comprehensive tracking system offers business operators, control, peace of mind and insight into how to make their businesses more efficient.

The Challenge

ClearPathGPS’ customer billing requirements are highly customized and high volume. They are a no-contract provider which means they need to prorate subscriptions to the day and there can be hundreds of plan adjustments daily – requirements that are unmanageable with a manual process.

The Solution

Stax Bill has not only automated ClearPathGPS’ complex billing cycles, but they now have the flexibility to structure payment plans as they wish within the system. They are also able to track and view their revenue in real-time, which in turn enables them to make changes on the fly.

The Benefits

Stax Bill, has enabled ClearPathGPS to successfully automate the management of all aspects of their complex subscription billing – allowing them to focus on their core business strategy and execution.