Stax Bill

Gained Flexible and Scalable Recurring Billing Automation

Required a flexible and secure recurring billing solution to simplify its complex pricing and billing model.

A 25-year veteran in the software development space, bitHeads has remained ahead of the competition through its dedications to satisfying the evolving demands of the market and by staying true to quality craftsmanship in an industry teeming with options.

In 2012, the business used its years of development experience to build a scalable, feature-rich backend as a service (BaaS) offering. While this product can be used across all industry verticals, it’s primarily tailored to the fast-growth gaming industry. BitHeads was one of the first to offer successful game-oriented BaaS, giving it a distinct competitive advantage. However, the business quickly realized it would need a scalable way to bill for it.

The Customer

With a dedication to unique and innovative software solutions, bitHeads has delivered thousands of projects to fortune 500 brands. The business has two main divisions: its custom software development, and its BaaS service.

The Challenge

BitHeads had released a unique and promising SaaS product to the market, but it had no scalable way of billing for it.

The business had a complex, usage-based pricing model, and manually billing for it was not an option. BitHeads also had security concerns around the process of collecting and storing credit card information for recurring billing.

The Solution

BitHeads chose Stax Bill as its recurring billing provider early in 2015. The platform is a great fit for the business, enabling it to provide its growing customer base with a flexible, convenient, and secure way to pay for the business’s BaaS service offering.

The Benefits

The Stax Bill platform has enabled bitHeads to provide its customers with seamless, automatic billing, despite its complex pricing model. The system calculates each customer’s pricing based on their chosen plan and usage data and performs custom billing accordingly.

Thanks to the catalog flexibility of the Stax Bill platform, bitHeads has also been able to adjust and evolve its pricing model over time without burdening its software engineers.

BitHeads has seen tremendous benefit from being able to automate its dunning management process. Stax Bill’s automated collections functionality recovers around 5-10% of the business’s monthly revenue—recurring revenue it may otherwise have to write-off.

Finally, the bitHeads team uses Stax Bill’s reporting functionality to gain clarity on the amount of revenue it’s pulling in between its various products and plans. Separating the two allows for better understanding of how the business prices its system and what its customers are actually paying. This helps in determining whether the business’s pricing model is successful or needs to be adjusted.