Acquire Agency’s story

Acquire Agency is a conversion-based social media ads agency existing at the intersection of data and video. Its customers pay a combination of fixed, monthly retainer fees and variable commissions.

Prior to using Stax Bill, Acquire’s billing process was highly manual. Its clients were billed on different days of the month, and its billing team would set calendar reminders when it was time to create and send a customer’s invoice. The team manually created invoices in its accounting software and sent them out via email. Then, the business would accept payments through a hosted gateway solution.

Acquire needed to overhaul its current recurring billing system in favor of an automated solution that would foster scale, rather than create bottlenecks.

The Customer

Acquire Agency is a video advertising agency for fashion, beauty, and technology brands. It runs ads on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Its creative, data-driven approach helps customers drive sales and get results.

The Challenge

Acquire Agency’s billing process was segmented: invoices were sent manually through its accounting software and payments were accepted via a separate, hosted solution. With a small finance team, bandwidth was tight.

The Solution

Stax Bill facilitated a much-needed streamlining of Acquire Agency’s billing process, freeing up countless hours and demand on its billing team, who now had time to work on more strategic projects as the business scaled. Further, it’s provided a suite of reporting features Acquire can use to expand that growth.

The Benefits

By helping Acquire save time through automation and actionable reports, Stax Bill allowed the business to focus on its growth strategy and execution.