Stax Bill

Stax Bill automation takes care of billing in a fraction of the time

Needed to automate their recurring billing process so they could focus on other critical areas of the business.

Instream is a B2B SaaS company that provides tools and services to the dental community and insurers.

For almost a decade, Instream’s goal has been to eliminate inefficiencies of claims submissions and payments between dental offices and associated insurance companies.

When Instream’s customer base began to scale, their billing requirements grew exponentially.  More and more time was consumed by manual billing and tracking.  It’s no surprise their monthly invoicing alone took one dedicated resource a full week to complete.  Instream quickly recognized they needed to automate their recurring billing process so they could focus on other critical areas of the business.

The Customer

Instream is a national provider of secure online dental exchange services and payment solutions. They provide a number of services on a subscription basis including; a dental payment solution, patient insurance claims service, 3D treatment models, and educational waiting room video content.

The Challenge

Over 90% of Instream’s services are subscription-based. Instream registered new customers manually through forms that were faxed or scanned and then entered into their system.  As demand increased, the registration, billing and customer tracking became unmanageable, labor intensive and process-heavy – consuming too much valuable staff time.

The Solution

With Stax Bill, Instream has a self-service portal which enables customers to register on-line for their subscription services.  Stax Bill automates and manages Instream’s billing, payment and revenue recognition processes dynamically behind the scenes. Through Stax Bill, Instream can also track customer data helping them to better target their market, an activity they previously had to do manually.

The Benefits

Instream’s registration and billing processes and customer relationship management activities are now housed within one integrated system making it more cost efficient and user friendly. The tracking capability gives Instream easy access to customer accounts and provides them with the intelligence they need to manage their customer lifecycles. Having insight into customer behavior enables them to increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenue by identifying churn risks and mitigating late payments.  This automation enables Instream to accomplish their registration and invoicing in a fraction of the time, reducing their effort by 80%.  An added benefit going forward is that their recurring billing requires little or no additional staffing as their customer base grows.