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Fusebill Is Now Stax Bill: Same Automation Superpowers. Now in Teal.

Erica Cosentino

Notice something a little different when you opened this page?

Here’s the summarized version: As of September 12, 2022, Fusebill officially rebranded to become Stax Bill. 

We’ve made some pretty big changes, but at the same time, the most important elements are staying the same. 

Consider this article your introduction and your guide to Stax Bill: what’s changed, what’s still the same, and what you can expect as we move forward under a new brand. 

What’s changed?

From the outside, we look like a completely different company—but what’s actually different now? Mostly, it’s the obvious: 

  • the name and logo (more on that later on),
  • the colors (isn’t the teal fun?!), and
  • the website (of course, we need the online experience to match).

Aside from the visual updates, we’re moving forward with more resources than ever before. That means we’re able to grow the product (and improve your AR processes) faster.

With that said…

What hasn’t changed?

The billing automation features you need and love aren’t going anywhere. Neither are the subscription management processes you grew used to in Fusebill.

Product-wise, we’re moving in the same direction as before, too—still automating the repetitive billing tasks to give you room to focus on the big picture—just with even more features in the pipeline.

You’ll also still be working with all the same people you know and love. The account executive, implementation manager, and customer success rep you’ve loved working with are all still here. The only people change we’re making? Adding more as we grow.

So, if our people, product, and plans haven’t changed, you’re probably wondering…

Why the change?

In the spring of 2021, we joined forces with paytech unicorn, Stax and immediately started working together to make our product and service even better. 

We decided it was time to go all-in on this partnership and align our branding to fuel each other’s growth. After all, we’re on the same mission—helping businesses to get paid faster. 

“In the last decade we have scaled from the ground up, sending over 64 million invoices and collecting hundreds of billions of dollars for our customers,” says TJ Carlson, General Manager of Stax Bill. “As we reach that next level of growth, we are excited for the opportunity to evolve and bring even more value to our customers. Our transition to Stax Bill reflects our powerful technology backed by the industry leading disruption and expertise of Stax.”

Looking to the future at Stax Bill

“Being built on a general ledger foundation, our software has always been able to go deeper into accounting functions than other options on the market,” says Carlson. “We’re already helping hundreds of businesses worldwide to bring efficiency to their recurring billing and related, repetitive AR tasks. Stax Bill is uniquely positioned to drive continued growth through SaaS automation thanks to our partnership with Stax alongside our automation expertise and powerful technology, something that has set us apart historically and will continue to set us apart in the future.”

We’re looking forward to this new era and working more closely with Stax than ever before. For our merchants, that means:

  • even more time saved on accounts receivable processes,
  • more resources available to help you automate the repetitive, and
  • for businesses using Stax Bill Payments, better communication between your billing engine and payment gateway.

“I am beyond excited to embark on this next step in our business’s evolution,” Carlson concludes. “I can’t wait to see all the ways Stax Bill and its customers are able to unlock their automation superpowers.”

Written by:

Erica Cosentino
Erica Cosentino
Marketing Manager, Stax Bill

Erica is Stax Bill’s former marketing manager. With a background in film production and content marketing, she enjoys the challenge of bringing the SaaS world to life – and making the topic of recurring billing fun. When she’s not at Stax Bill, Erica is borderline obsessed with travel (she’s been to 22 countries on 5 continents) and loves learning new languages, speaking Italian, Spanish, and French to varying degrees of fluency.