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What’s New in Stax Bill?—December 2022 Recurring Billing Updates

Erica Cosentino | December 29, 2022

The last week of the calendar year is prime time for reflecting, isn’t it? Going back over the last 365 days and taking mental stock of what happened in that time.

In a way, it’s kind of similar to what this blog post is—reviewing the fourth quarter of the year, and everything our product and development teams have accomplished in Stax Bill over the past three months.

Which, by the way, is some pretty cool stuff.

Keep reading to learn about the new recurring billing features that’ll strengthen your dunning communications strategy, simplify deal creation in HubSpot, and give your customers more control than ever over their subscriptions.

Check out the full list of release notes, including feature drops, enhancements, and bug fixes, here.

No more wondering whether customers saw your emails

Email Grid

If you’re using Stax Bill, odds are that it is part of your job to ensure your business collects the revenue it’s owed by its customers. So, you probably know what it’s like when your invoices or dunning emails seem to be ignored by customers.

Did they see your email? Did they even receive your email?

Being stuck in limbo like this is never fun—especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the line as a result of inaction.

Stax Bill’s new email communications grid combats exactly this problem. Using it, you can see whether your email:

  • soft bounced, which indicates a temporary technical problem, and the system will try to re-send on its own later,
  • hard bounced, which indicates a permanent error with the server or recipient address,
  • was received, or
  • was opened.

This kind of knowledge is power. When you know exactly what the status of each email is, you can better plan your follow-ups and increase your business’s likelihood of getting paid.

Do more in the Stax Bill/HubSpot integration

Your sales team’s 2023 resolution is to close more deals. But neither your sales team nor your billing team wants to go back and forth between software to make sure details on purchases, subscriptions, or billing info are correct.

Stax Bill’s HubSpot integration got a shiny new upgrade, allowing your sales team to do more within HubSpot. Your sales team is happy because they don’t have to leave the tool they’re comfortable in, and your billing team is happy because they get all the information they need without having to lift a finger.

As soon as your sales rep closes a deal, without leaving HubSpot, they can:

  • make one-time purchases and configure the purchases in your HubSpot deal,
  • activate any draft subscriptions and purchases,
  • get an ‘at-a-glance’ view of a customer’s or company’s invoices, subscriptions, historical purchases,
  • and more.

The more processes you can streamline, the more time your teams can free up for meaningful work.

Increase your customers’ self-sufficiency

Payment Method Sharing SSP

One key to successful—read: loyal, long-term—customers is empowerment, or giving customers the tools they need to be self-sufficient in managing their own subscriptions.

In fact, 77% of customers view brands more positively if they provide self-service options for customers.

Stats like this are exactly why continuous improvements to our hosted self-service portal have been a priority. And we’re excited to announce another new enhancement to it.

If you use Stax Bill’s customer hierarchy functionality, we’ve added an extra degree of control for parent companies to easily control what they share with their child accounts.

Parent companies can use the hosted self-service portal to control their payment method sharing options. They can manage their payment methods and control who has access to each one.  

Learn more about our customer self-service portal: Enhance Your Subscription Business with Hosted Registration Pages and Self-Service Portals

Ready to do recurring billing better with us?

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Not a Stax Bill customer, but interested in how these features can benefit your business? Chat with one of our subscription management experts for a personalized demo of the software.

And on behalf of the entire Stax Bill team, we wish you the happiest holidays and the best new year. ✨

Written by:

Erica Cosentino
Erica Cosentino
Marketing Manager, Stax Bill

Erica is Stax Bill’s marketing manager. With a background in film production and content marketing, she enjoys the challenge of bringing the SaaS world to life – and making the topic of recurring billing fun. When she’s not at Stax Bill, Erica is borderline obsessed with travel (she’s been to 22 different countries) and loves learning new languages, speaking Italian, Spanish, and French to varying degrees of fluency.