Stax Bill

Stax Bill enables rapid scaling to maintain a 50% annual growth rate

Automation was a must in order to maximize efficiency and revenue.

NonProfit Technologies has served government agencies and nonprofit organizations since 1990. It provides expert, certified cloud hosting and implementation of Abila’s industry leading nonprofit software.

As part of their cloud services, NonProfit Technologies offers private cloud servers, unlimited storage, data backup and protection, 24/7 self-serve anywhere anytime access to Abila MIP, FR50, Grant Management, Microix Workflow, Drillpoint and more. With an industry trend toward moving mission critical applications to the cloud, NPT recognized very quickly the need to automate their subscription billing and customer on-boarding.

Automation was a must in order to maximize efficiency and revenue.

The Customer

NonProfit Technologies (NPT) is the leading cloud provider for all of Abila’s industry leading nonprofit accounting software. Abila provides fund accounting, association management and fundraising solutions for associations, nonprofits, and government entities. NPT lowers the cost of running Abila’s software and it saves clients time by helping them maximize the efficiency of the solution.

The Challenge

NonProfit Technologies offers a variety of technology and consultation services to help clients optimize the use of their Abila accounting software.  Because Abila already had a significant user-base, NPT knew they needed a subscription billing platform that could handle Abila’s existing customers – and do so very quickly.  In addition, NPT needed to source a billing platform that would not over-inflate their operating costs.  Their goal was to grow their business without having to hire more employees so they were looking for a smart reliable system that would scale quickly on its own.

The Solution

After researching various industry leading billing platforms, Fusebill offered all the features NPT required, including the ability to launch and scale at a very rapid pace. NPT opted to implement Fusebill themselves and their developers were able to easily integrate and get their services to market quickly without issue. NPT set-up a self-service portal using Fusebill’s API documentation which was comprehensive yet easy to follow.

The Benefits

NPT’s subscription billing and management is now able to handle thousands of customers on an ongoing basis without additional staff.  With the self-service portal, NPT can sell and provide service 24/7 enabling them to scale without putting additional strain on resources. In addition, Fusebill has all the features and support NPT requires at a cost that allows them to see a strong ROI.