Stax Bill

Failed Payment Revenue Recovery Increased from 60% to Nearly 100%

Needed a Scalable Billing Solution to Accommodate Growth and Manage Revenue Recovery

DARREN HARDY is a growing business centered on a mission to help executives, CEOs, and other high achievers be their best every day and make a positive impact on the world.

The business’s members have unique needs that vary according to their situations, goals, and expectations. The DARREN HARDY team has always been keenly focused on the success of these individuals, so the quality of their membership experience is a top concern.

Like many other scaling businesses though, DARREN HARDY was bogged down with manual processes and legacy systems that were hindering its growth potential and its ability to deliver the level of service its team knew it was capable of.

Since partnering with Stax Bill and implementing its sophisticated subscription management and recurring billing platform, DARREN HARDY is now equipped to meet its membership’s unique and evolving needs as well as handle exponential growth. It has also automated its business processes, which has dramatically reduced its revenue leakage and freed up resources for more important value-added activities.

The Customer

DARREN HARDY offers online courses, mentoring and motivation packages and products, as well as intensive workshops and custom training programs to help people become high performers in their careers, businesses, and lives. The business serves more than 700,000 members, in addition to the 350,000 people who subscribe to DarrenDaily to receive a free daily motivational email.

The Challenge

DARREN HARDY was operating with a range of ineffective, time-consuming manual processes, a basic shopping cart, and broad limitations related to its catalog flexibility and subscription management capabilities. Adding new products and subscriptions was testing the limits of its team’s resources and was limiting the business’s scalability.

The Solution

DARREN HARDY was able to get rid of its manual invoicing and spreadsheet-dependent billing process, replacing it with a comprehensive solution that enables automated emailing, invoicing, and dunning management.

Working with Stax Bill has also enabled the DARREN HARDY team to improve its subscription management capabilities. Members now enjoy a more unique, user-friendly subscription process that not only elevates how they experience the DARREN HARDY brand, but also supports their individual needs and success.

The Benefits

Stax Bill’s automated billing and dunning management features have enabled DARREN HARDY to improve its revenue recovery from failed payments from 60% to nearly 100%.

Embracing its new dynamic, automated invoicing and billing management system, the company’s team has access to robust analytics and customizable dashboards for real-time business intelligence. It has been able to streamline its processes, eliminating workarounds and inefficiencies across the board.

Additionally, the team is now able to address abandoned shopping carts promptly and proactively with its new Zendesk integration.

Stax Bill’s flexible subscription catalog has evolved DARREN HARDY’s previously time-consuming manual processes to enable sustainable automated subscription management for its team. And its once static, flat member interface has been transformed into a branded, seamless, and customizable experience for its members.

Growth and scalability have also been unlocked for DARREN HARDY as it now has the automation and flexibility to deliver new programs and initiatives on demand, and the capacity to grow on the scale of thousands of new members per day. The company has already successfully implemented new campaigns, including upsells and cross-sells, which are enabling its marketing team to expand on its range of offerings.