Stax Bill

Reduced Week-Long Billing Period Down to Just a Couple of Hours

Needed a Scalable Automated Billing Solution to Support Swift Growth

When a customer purchases hosted services, that’s just the first step. CloudPlus is a true, end-to-end, vendor all the way to end-user platform with a hosted services distribution platform at its core. The platform streamlines hostedservice purchases with click-to-provision technology and allows for simplified day-to-day management of these service subscriptions.  

While CloudPlus is developed around the end-user experience, it also addresses and benefits every member of the traditional service distribution stack. The company and its platform are adding value by enabling automation at all levels and by providing access to a full set of features and services. 

CloudPlus’ refreshing approach to service distribution filled a gap in the industry and led to rapid growth for the company. The only problem was the accounts receivables platform provider it was using at the time required a large amount of repetitious, manual effort, and with lackluster support services.

The CloudPlus team knew that to continue its swift growth trajectory, it would need to find a more scalable billing solution.  

The Customer

The CloudPlus platform facilitates the acquisition of hosted services as well as the management of those services, including identity and license management, authentication, policies, reporting, and more.  

The Challenge

Although CloudPlus was experiencing impressive growth, it was simultaneously experiencing recurring challenges regarding the scalability of its billing system 

Processes that were meant to be automated within its accounts receivable platform weren’t, and repeated reviewing and revisioning of invoices was required to ensure accuracy before billing could go out.  

Not only was the billing process time-consuming, labor- intensive, and growth-limiting, but also it produced other issues and challenges that were becoming increasingly difficult to address in a timely manner. CloudPlus knew its partners and customers could be impacted if problems persisted. And putting its reputation and success on the line was certainly not something the company was willing to do.

Furthermore, with plans to expand internationally, CloudPlus was limited by its billing platform’s inability to support foreign currencies.

That’s when the CloudPlus team began searching for a better billing solution.   

The Solution

With its automated recurring billing functionality and seamless payment processing, Stax Bill has saved CloudPlus days of unnecessary, repetitive manual taskwork each month. It has also drastically reduced the number of billing-related issues the company experiences that require support.

The flexibility of Stax Bill’s API and functionality has given CloudPlus a scalable billing solution that meets its needs now and will continue meeting its needs in the future.

The Benefits

Now that CloudPlus is up and running with Stax Bill’s automated recurring billing platformits previous week-long billing process has been reduced to just a couple of hours at most. The company’s hoping to reduce this time even further, and perhaps even move to billing its customers automatically in real-time.  

The CloudPlus team is saving a lot of time in other areas as well. When adjustments need to be made to subscriptions, team members can quickly search and edit them on the fly. The business’s financials can now be viewed at a glance through its new dashboard, and advanced dunning management capabilities have eliminated the need to perform manual card retries. This has the added time-saving benefit of reducing the amount of tickets that need to be created for fully declined payments.  

On the few occasions when the CloudPlus team requires support, they now get a speedy response from Stax Bill—usually within the hour. Its previous billing system’s support process had languished to a lengthy 24- to 48-hour initial response time. 

Finally, with so many fewer hours spent on the financial minutia, the team at CloudPlus now has more time to look at actual growth and explore what the business needs to keep growing.  And with Stax Bill’s scalability—and foreign currency capabilities—the global opportunities are now endless.