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What’s New in Stax Bill?—September 2022 Recurring Billing Updates

Erica Cosentino

This quarter, a lot is new in Stax Bill—including the name Stax Bill.

We went through a major branding refresh, updating our site, our colors, and our name. If you missed the announcement, you can find more information on our Stax Bill rebrand here.

This article, though, is meant to talk about our product updates. And despite the major changes we’ve made on the marketing side, the rebrand didn’t prompt any major changes in product direction. Our mission hasn’t changed—we still intend to simplify through automation.

While our marketing team was busy putting the finishing touches on our new branding, our product and development teams were hard at work on their own projects and were able to release some exciting new feature enhancements.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the cool new things added to the Stax Bill software since I shared the last report in June.

Additional insights in your financial calendar widget

The financial calendar is one of our favorite widgets. It gives subscription businesses an easy-to-digest, day-by-day view of things like:

  • number of invoices due,
  • total amount invoiced, and
  • failed transactions.

Another favorite feature is the automated credit card retry schedule, where the Stax Bill system automatically tries to run failed transactions again a few days later. This feature is a game changer when it comes to recovering leaking subscription revenue.

However, the calendar widget previously didn’t differentiate between whether failed, successful, or pending transactions were an initial attempt or a retry. This quarter, we’ve updated the calendar to specify exactly that.

This update and the transparency it adds will give you a more accurate picture of your business’s cash flow.

More customer hierarchy flexibility

If your customer list includes parent companies and their subsidiaries, all with different subscriptions, you’re probably taking advantage of our customer hierarchy feature. The prior version of this feature allowed payment method sharing from the top down (i.e., the parent company could share with any of its child accounts) for up to three generations.

But we know businesses of this size are far from cookie-cutter—every business has its own unique needs and often needs flexibility in the way it’s billed.

The newest update to payment method sharing allows for more granularity in how the payment methods are shared. By default, a parent account’s card info is shared across all its child accounts—but now, it’s simple to choose to share it with only specific subsidiaries.

Read more about Stax Bill’s customer hierarchy feature: 5 Ways Customer Hierarchy Management Simplifies Your Subscription Billing

Updates to the native integration with Salesforce

Last quarter, we made a bunch of updates to our native integration with NetSuite—tons of small enhancements to make workflows easier for you in your day-to-day.

We’ve done something similar with our native Salesforce integration this quarter. While there’s no one major feature update to brag about, we’ve made enhancements to lots of little features to help you work faster.

Read more about using Stax Bill + Salesforce: Improve Customer Experience and Business Scalability by Integrating Salesforce CRM with a Recurring Billing Platform

Automate the repetitive

You have bigger things to worry about than recurring billing-related tasks. Every two weeks, our product team releases updates that enable you to automate the repetitive and focus on the big picture.

You can keep up with our product updates in more detail and in real time by visiting the release notes page on our website.

If you’re not using Stax Bill yet—well, you should be. We’re up to some pretty cool things!

Curious to learn more about billing automation with Stax Bill? Get in touch with one of our subscription experts.

Written by:

Erica Cosentino
Erica Cosentino
Marketing Manager, Stax Bill

Erica is Stax Bill’s former marketing manager. With a background in film production and content marketing, she enjoys the challenge of bringing the SaaS world to life – and making the topic of recurring billing fun. When she’s not at Stax Bill, Erica is borderline obsessed with travel (she’s been to 22 countries on 5 continents) and loves learning new languages, speaking Italian, Spanish, and French to varying degrees of fluency.