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Integrating Your Billing Automation Setup with Your NetSuite ERP Just Got Better

Serge Frigon | June 23, 2022

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Bacon and eggs. Recurring billing and ERP software.

Some things are just right together.

That’s why I’m excited to share the latest updates we’ve made to Stax Bill’s native integration with NetSuite. We’re talking recurring billing and ERP software today, folks—not mac and cheese.

Stax Bill’s NetSuite integration has always been strong, thanks in part to the fact that our billing automation software was built on a general ledger (GL) foundation. But we know how high expectations are when it comes to your business’s hard-earned revenue, so we’re constantly working on enhancing the integration to make it the best it can possibly be.

Here’s what we’ve improved in our latest batch of NetSuite updates.

Improved error handling


We’ve removed some system limitations that were preventing the NetSuite IDs from displaying accurately in the reconciliation report’s CSV download.

NetSuite has a number of fields with character limitations. Sometimes, the system would generate errors trying to sync with NetSuite because the value in the Stax Bill field exceeds the value of what NetSuite can accept. We will now automatically truncate values sent to NetSuite to fit within its character limits.

Simplification of…

While our integration with NetSuite was strong prior to this update, there were a few functions and processes we wanted to smooth out so we could increase the integration’s ease of use. Namely, the functionalities associated with:


NetSuite discount item mapping

Stax Bill previously supported creating discounts for your customers. However, in order to apply them to an invoice, you had to create an item called the “Stax Bill Discount”.

But not anymore! You now have the flexibility to choose which of your existing NetSuite items you’d like to use as your default discount item.

We’ve added even more advanced functionality to your discount mapping process, too. You can now allocate multiple discount items tied to discounts that you can pre-create in your Stax Bill catalog.


Previously, taxation in the Stax Bill/NetSuite integration was handled similarly to discounting, requiring you to create an item called “Stax Bill Tax” to hold any money you’d collected for tax remittance.

We’ve added a new functionality to send the taxation as a proper percentage amount of the invoices synced across to NetSuite. This means any tax dollars your business has collected will appear more clearly in your NetSuite as a true, separate tax amount.

…Inventory management

We’ve also improved the accuracy of reverse charges for Stax Bill users who leverage NetSuite’s inventory module.

We have improved our system’s logic to more accurately infer the correct number of physical items being returned to your inventory when charges are reversed on an invoice.

More power for manual credits

NetSuite credit notes

Just like with discounting, manual credits were previously handled by creating a dedicated item called the “Stax Bill Credit”. And also just like discounts, this update gives you more flexibility in choosing your default credit item. But we didn’t stop there.

We know that when billing clerks credit a customer, it’s for one of a few established reasons. We’ve created functionality that will support a dropdown pick list of reasons to choose from when applying manual credits. In turn, those dropdown items will map to your NetSuite using the appropriate items. This will allow you to differentiate these credits more easily on your monthly income statements

Even more enhancements

This update to our integration is one of the biggest we’ve made yet, and while I’ve listed some big changes here, this blog post doesn’t cover everything. For a full list of feature enhancements and updates, check out our release notes articles.

The best recurring billing solution for your NetSuite-enabled business

We always talk about how integrations maximize the efficiency automation brings on its own. Our goal is to create enough efficiencies in your AR processes that you don’t have to think twice about them. Because the less you have to worry about your AR processes, the more bandwidth you have available to focus on the big-picture initiatives.

That’s why we’re always working on enhancing our systems. With these updates, your Stax Bill billing solution and NetSuite ERP can work even better together.

Just like peanut butter and jelly.


Written by:

Serge Frigon
Serge Frigon
Director of Product, Stax Bill

Serge Frigon is Stax Bill’s Director of Product. He is passionate about improving billing processes for SaaS companies. With 20+ years in SaaS and billing software systems, Serge has a first-hand view of how important financial insights can be to the health of a company.